History of the Krewe of Argus

The Krewe of Argus was founded in 1972 by several civic-minded Jefferson Parish businessmen and rolls on Mardi Gras Day in the New Orleans Metropolitan Area. Over one million family-oriented spectators line the Veterans Boulevard route in Metairie, Louisiana to catch our assortments of specialty throws. The Krewe is comprised of over 450 riders- male, female, and children- as well as guest Celebrities and Marching Bands. Each year Argus crowns a Special King, Queen, and Royal Court from its own membership to ride as Royalty. In past Parades, Argus has created special floats designed to honor our heroes in the Armed Services and local celebrities such as Artist George Rodrigue and his Blue Dog.

Argus was named after the God of Greek Mythology, Argus, the all-seeing with one hundred eyes. Argus observed Zeus cheating on his wife, The Goddess Hera. Zeus ordered Hermes to cut the head off of Argus. Hera, seeing this, took the hundred eyes off of Argus and put them on the tail of her peacock, where they remain today. That is why the peacock is the logo of the Krewe of Argus.

In the beginning, the Krewe honored as its Empresses such outstanding entertainment celebrities as Barbara Eden, Phyllis Diller, Shirley Jones, Loretta Swit, Connie Stevens, Cathy Lee Crosby, and several Miss Americas. In 1985, Argus' male and female membership instituted a new custom of selection Kings and Queens from its own membership. The Queen rides through the streets of Jefferson Parish followed by her maids. She also has a junior court of princesses and pages.

Please join us on Mardi Gras Day to catch some of our specialty imprinted items and see our beautiful costumes.

Argus' Past Themes and Royalty


King & Queen



I'm Still Standin' Argus XXXIX
Jim Hudson
Alexandra Patricia Ingram


Argus is Golden Argus XXXVIII
Steve Lachute
Allison Langhetee


Won't You be My Neighbor? Argus XXXVII
Leon L. Giorgio
Britney Alexis Kelly

Mardi Gras Cancelled due to Global Pandemic - COVID-19



Argus Follows the Yellow Brick Road Argus XXXVI
Brian Chehardy
Callie Cvitanovich


Argus Goes Wild Argus XXXV
Lawrence Gibbs
Savannah Watermeier


Argus Under the Big Top Argus XXXIV
Michael Maenza
Alexis Hartline


Argus Loves the Beatles Argus XXXIII
Elie Khoury
Robin Chailland


#Argusluvsmillennials Argus XXXII
Michael Hollis
Brooke Ann Kelly


Superheroes Argus XXXI
Johnny Matesich
Madeline Cvitanovich


Argus the Storyteller Argus XXX
Hon. Elton M. Lagasse
Diana Lynn Netterville


Argus Memories Argus XXIX Raymond J. Brandt
Lydia Louise Netterville


The State We're In Argus XXVIII Newell Normand
Ashlee Krantz
2011 What a Wonderful World Argus XXVII Henry Shane
Amanda Schott
2010 Love is in the Air Argus XXVI David R. Sherman
Meredith Elizabeth Chehardy
2009 Bon Appetit Argus XXV Fred M. Lay
Gillian Bruna Gibbs
2008 My Favorite Things Argus XXIV Bruce R. Degler
Kristin Elizabeth Nielsen
2007 Louisiana Argus XXIII Frank Larré
Treva Lincoln
2006 The King of Rock 'n' Roll Argus XXII Doyle James Barker
Hillary Elyse Gibbs
2005 Thanks for the Memories Argus XXI Tommy Cvitanovich
Kaitlin Mary Pastorek
2004 Ol' Blue Eyes Argus XX Scott Sewell
Shana Ann Stumpf
2003 Colors Argus XIX Danny Martiny
Alana Lincoln
2002 Oldies but Goodies Argus XVIII Michael A. Roppolo III
Ashleigh Lynne Gilley
2001 Proverbs Argus XVII Michael Flower
Shannon Marie Fay
2000 It's About Time Argus XVI Salvador Anzelmo
Lacey Anne Blalock
1999 Extra! Extra! Read All About It! Argus XV Aaron Broussard
Jennifer Madelyn Massey
1998 Argus' World of Festivals Argus XIV Gerry A. Cvitanovich
Amy Kathryn Passons
1997 Argus Celebrates 25 Years Argus XIII John Persson, Jr.
Jacqueline Nicole Webre
1996 Argus Eyes Argus XII Frederick R. Heebe
Neille Anne Bernard-Kelly
1995 Argus Celebrates Argus XI Drago Cvitanovich
Melissa Jean Bossetta
1994 Argus Switches Cable Channels Argus X J.F. Allen, Jr.
Janet Allen-Ritzmann
1993 Unexplained Mysteries Argus IX Patrick T. Bossetta
Amy Elizabeth Alexander
1992 Life's Pleasures Argus VIII Lawrence E. Chehardy
Lauren Teresa Berner
1991 The Good Earth Argus VII Ken Hollis
Jennifer Artigues-Ingram
1990 Men of Distinction Argus VI Joseph Sexton
Gayle Allen-Choojitarom
1989 Jefferson Parish Salutes Louisiana Argus V Jerry Crawford
Janet Allen-Ritzmann
1988 The Argus Sports Page Argus IV Carol V. Charvet
Nicole Cammatte-Wilder
1987 Characters of Fantasy and Fact Argus III Chuck Nelson
Stacey Shane-Schott
1986 Creatures Great and Small Argus II Vincent Impastato
Gina Pausina-Cherry
1985 Famous American Festivals Argus I Herb Cammatte
Michele Shane L'Hoste
1984 Remember When  Lee Meredith
1983 10 Years of Mardi Gras in Jefferson Parish  Sharie Lewis
1982 Argus on Vacation  Dianne Ladd
1981 Creatures of the Imagination  Loretta Swit
1980 Argus' Library  Connie Stevens
1979 Argus' Movie Awards  Cathy Lee Crosby
1978 The Kingdom of Tut  Shirley Jones
1977 Argus' Aquatic Adventures  Phyllis Diller
1976 Argus' Song Book  Kay Starr
1975 Argus Salutes Jefferson Parish  Barbara Eden
1974 Aesop's Fables  Emperor I George Ackel
1973 Greatest Show on Earth  1st Doubloon - No parade
1972 Krewe founded (no parade)

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